Artz Graine Art Studio

Our Philosophy

Our workshops emphasize on self-exploration, thus encouraging individuals to discover their own uniqueness & self-expression through their learning journey. This is because we truly believe that every individual has a hidden talent, waiting to unfold.


Our Mission

Our vision is to guide every individual to embrace the goodness of art in order to pursuit a healthy lifestyle by improving their overall well-being. We endeavor to plant the seeds of art into them, so that art can be a part of them and they can be a part of art.


Our Vision

Artz Graine bears a mission to inspire & empower all individuals to realize their artistic potential and embrace the development and growth in the Visual Arts.

Art Director

The founder of Tol ArtVenture Pte Ltd, Jace Ng established Artz Graine Pte Ltd in 2009 with co-founder Monica Yip.

Jace Ng, Creative Director leads a team of experience art educators with graduates from NAFA, LASALLE College of the Arts, Nanyang Polytechnic, UCSI University, Raffles University and Malaysian Institute of Arts, including AMIS-certified art and MOE teachers, who are committed to equip people with creative art techniques and skills for all ages.

In 2009, she led her team from Artz Graine to pioneer the Direct School Admission portfolio programme; Rye Portfolio was covered in Today's newspaper in March 2012 under the hot news section for the "Prep Class Route to hot schools."

Up-to-date, Artz Graine's students who have undergone the programme gained astounding success of 95% acceptance to art niche schools.

Jace Ng will continue exploring creative possibilities together with her team, hoping to bring positive impact on many art enthusiasts.

Monica Yip, Business Manager, A certified AMIS instructor who graduated with a Diploma in International Business, with a certification “Teaching Arts in Early Childhood” supported by the National Arts Council.

Driven by her passion in art, our self-taught artist embarks into the journey of colours. Her motto “Bringing joy and knowledge is a mission, while sharing and spreading passion is a fulfilment”. Life is like a palette of colours, paint it the way you want it to be.

Art Teacher

Sharina Samad

Being able to cultivate a child to love art is her privilege. She believes art provides avenue for a child’s inner expression and accomplishment. Often noted for her fun-loving nature and dedication towards her students. She has gained an array of art teaching experiences from MOE schools, preschools and art studios after graduating from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Visual Communication. She will continue to encourage young artists to discover their own artistic style and art journey.


Art Teacher

Kuat Zhi Hooi

Emerging artist graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with Diploma in Fine Art. He has exhibited in various group exhibitions in Singapore and 2020 Singapore Art Week at The Private Museum. He practices various type of medium and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with his students. He believes that art making is a long-term process and having a strong foundation is the key to propel his students in their artistic journey starting from a young age.

Artist Website:


Art Teacher

Ser En Min

Graduated from UCSI with Bachelor Degree in Architecture and experienced in the architectural field, she is now working on a design related field that is closer to heart. As she believes architecture is about creating experience through spaces, she would love to create different learning experiences through art together with the children.

Artist Website:


Art Teacher

Nurul Sal Az.

Ms Nurul is an undergrad from LASALLE College of the Arts With Bachelor (Hons) in Fine Art. She is a practising printmaker. She also works with other various mediums such as pen and paint. Nurul’s philosophy in teaching is that all students are individuals who learn in their own unique way. With hard work and determination, every child is an artist who is capable of creating beautiful works.

Artist Website:


Art Teacher

Lee Hui Ying

Graduated from Raffles University with Diploma in Visual Communication and has experience with various handicraft projects utilizing an assortment of materials. After graduation, she continued passion for art and accumulated experience in the field of art education. She also enjoys working with children and especially loves seeing smiles on the children’s faces when they learn something new. She believes that children are artists, so she hopes to accompany them to grow up and enjoy the art journey.



Iffah Firzana

Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art with a Diploma in Fine Art. She has done collaborative artworks with Urban Redevelopment Agency & Rainbow Centre. She expresses her creativity through art and believes that art is a form of therapy for everyone regardless of age. Her bubbly character creates an open environment for her students to express themselves freely. Artist website:

Artist Website:


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