Artz Graine Art Studio

Our Philosophy

Our workshops emphasize on self-exploration, thus encouraging individuals to discover their own uniqueness & self-expression through their learning journey. This is because we truly believe that every individual has a hidden talent, waiting to unfold.


Our Philosophy

Our vision is to guide every individual to embrace the goodness of art in order to pursuit a healthy lifestyle by improving their overall well-being. We endeavor to plant the seeds of art into them, so that art can be a part of them and they can be a part of art.


Our Philosophy

Artz Graine bears a mission to inspire & empower all individuals to realize their artistic potential and embrace the development and growth in the Visual Arts.


Art Director

The founder of Tol ArtVenture Pte Ltd, Jace Ng established Artz Graine Pte Ltd in 2009 with co-founder Monica Yip.

Jace Ng, Creative Director leads a team of experience art educators with graduates from NAFA, LASALLE College of the Arts, Nanyang Polytechnic, UCSI University, Raffles University and Malaysian Institute of Arts, including AMIS-certified art and MOE teachers, who are committed to equip people with creative art techniques and skills for all ages.

In 2009, she led her team from Artz Graine to pioneer the Direct School Admission portfolio programme; Rye Portfolio was covered in Today’s newspaper in March 2012 under the hot news section for the “Prep Class Route to hot schools.”

Up-to-date, Artz Graine’s students who have undergone the programme gained astounding success of 95% acceptance to art niche schools.

Jace Ng will continue exploring creative possibilities together with her team, hoping to bring positive impact on many art enthusiasts.

Monica Yip, Business Manager, A certified AMIS instructor who graduated with a Diploma in International Business, with a certification “Teaching Arts in Early Childhood” supported by the National Arts Council.

Driven by her passion in art, our self-taught artist embarks into the journey of colours. Her motto “Bringing joy and knowledge is a mission, while sharing and spreading passion is a fulfilment”. Life is like a palette of colours, paint it the way you want it to be.

Art Teacher

Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Teacher Poorvaja is an aspiring artist that explore the colours and indigenous practices rooted in her culture. Being surrounded by such an environment, she is heavily influenced by the same. She wishes to give back to her students through the medium of narration and documentary. Giving a voice to the unheard is her role as an artist in today’s society. She would like to teach her students how to think like an artist more than teaching them to make art like an artist.


Art Teacher

Graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with visual effects motion graphics, Teacher Raspberry has been pursuing further art studies in Oil painting at NAFA. Equipped with numerous years of experience in teaching, she hopes to inspire kids to become interested in art as they grow up, focusing on having fun with classes while learning new techniques and skills! Filled with passion in arts, she loves interacting with them and look forward to seeing the lovely art creations by the children.



Art Teacher

Graduated from Nanjing Forestry University, majoring in Visual Communication Design. Being an art enthusiast since young, Teacher Eden has been passionately engaging in the arts. Her curiosity led her to explore different types of mediums in her art making process. She hopes to share her vast knowledge and passion to the next generation, to build the future of tomorrow.


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