DSA Clinic (Free Admission For Parents With Child Age 8 - 11 Yrs Old)

DSA Clinic (Free Admission For Parents With Child Age 8 - 11 Yrs Old)

This is a sharing session that aims to provide parents and their child with:
1) Insider tips on how to create a DIY visual art portfolio.
2) Knowledge of what AEP schools or Art niche School like SOTA are looking out for.
3) How to gain a competitive advantage in Direct School Admission.

Who should attend:

1) Parents with child between 8 to 11 years old that desires to go for DSA via Visual Art/Animation.
2) Parents who doesn't have the luxury of time to send their child for weekly classes.
3) Parents with child who likes to know more about Direct School Admission.

Speaker for the day:

Jace Ng is a mother with a daughter who is the pioneer batch of SOTA alumni that inspired her to set up Artz Graine 10 years ago. A passionate art educator with the experience of guiding students
in different schools for SYF, art clubs and curriculum while leading a team of educators alongside with her. She will share her years of experience as a mother and an educator on how to strike a competitive advantage for your child to gain admission into any AEP or art niche schools.

*Admission is free

Date: 31 Aug 2019
Time: 2.00pm - 3.30pm
Limited seats available

*Parents are strongly encouraged to bring their child along for this clinic

You may register your interest with us if you could not make it for 31 August via info@artzgraine.com.sg

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AdHoc Class

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