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 Clinic Talk

DSA Visual Art Clinic Talk

In an effort to simplify and streamline the Direct School Admission for Secondary Schools (DSA-Sec) application process, students and parents will make applications via a centralized online portal. While the application process has been simplified, the portfolio building process has left many students and parents puzzled.

Since 2009, we have developed our Artz Graine methodology and offer a unique teaching model that augments your child’s art portfolio, preparing your child to take on DSA-Sec with confidence. Building on each child’s talent for art, we have managed to maintain our status as a trendsetter in the DSA-Sec arena.
Check out our interview with KiasuParents in May 2019: https://www.kiasuparents.com/kiasu/article/how-to-create-a-visual-arts-portfolio-dont-miss-these-expert-tips/?fbclid=IwAR3N5nXdDne7lLOZHj5WA6GCdDKjyJK0_QnesNuzGXhWTZ47bA_4VBDrQ_M

Who is the speaker?

Jace Ng is a mother from the pioneer batch of School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) alumni that inspired her to set up Artz Graine 10 years ago. Jace is a passionate art educator with experience guiding students in different schools for Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), art clubs and curriculum. Jace will share lessons from her years of experience on how to strike a competitive advantage for your child to gain admission into any Art Elective Programme (AEP) or art niche schools.

What are the topics covered?
1) Tips and tricks to build a visual art portfolio
2) Factors that AEP/art niche institutions look out for in the DSA selection process
3) Ways to gain a competitive advantage in DSA

Who should attend this talk?
1) Parents with children between 9 - 11 years old that are planning to apply for DSA via Visual Art/Animation
2) Parents with children who like to know more about DSA
*Parents are strongly encouraged to bring their children along

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Fee: Free
Slots available: 15
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