Happenings - Fun & Creative Art Classes For Kids in Singapore


Artz Graine Art Studio provides art classes with the aim of equipping people with creative art techniques, skills and help build a portfolio for application to Direct School Admission (DSA) for individuals of all ages. We place a strong emphasis on self-exploration, thereby inspiring people to learn more about their individuality and self-expression. This is due to the fact that during our portfolio-building session, we firmly think that every person has the potential to express their ideas and create works of art that serve as a display for their artistic talent. Which is why, we bears a mission to inspire and motivate everyone to embrace the development and progress of the visual arts and to achieve their artistic potential.

Stay up-to-date and learn more about the events, activities, workshops, art exhibitions of our Art Classes for Kids in Singapore with our Artz Graine Art Studio Newsletter. If you're interested with any of our art classes, you may register for Trial class here.


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