Payment of Fees

  1. You must pay a registration fee of SGD20 when you enrol for a course, sketch books may be purchase over the counter at $10 per book.
  2. Registration fees are collected on a per-person basis. Due to our limited class sizes, fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the course to ensure enrolment.
  3. Course fees are collected on a termly basis and you are required to pay the fees on or before the stipulated dates given before the commencement of each term.
  4. Mode of payments accepted by our School: Cash, Nets or Cheque. For Cheque payment, please make payable to “Artz Graine Pte Ltd”.
  5. Renew of any expired session, a top up fee of $15 per session is payable.


Cancellations and refunds

  1. Registration fees and course fees are not refundable if you shorten, postpone or cancel your course.



  1. You may change your course schedule, but you must discuss this with the Teacher-In-Charge who will advise you on possible options.
  2. We expect every student to be on time for their lessons as latecomers will disrupt the ongoing lesson and your child will also not have enough time to complete his or her lesson. There shall be no extension of hours and lesson shall ends at its scheduled time.
  3. Please pick up your child promptly after classes. Picking up your child late at the end of class is not advisable, as the next class needs to begin on time.
  4. If you miss a lesson without notification, attendance shall be mark and no refund shall be given.
  5. If you miss a lesson and has given notification before the commencement of the lesson, you may speak to the Teacher-In-Charge for replacement of the lesson. However, you will be given 3 months to replace the lesson. Should there be a failure to find suitable dates for replacement prior or upon the expiry, no refund shall be given.
  6. Due to limited class sized, any 'make-up' classes or request to change scheduled class should be made via phone call or email 2 days in advance or visit us to let us know that your child will not be attending class.
  7. Students registered for DSA or Portfolio classes, must be responsible and must display the correct attitude throughout their art making process in and out of classroom. Any homework or research given by Teacher-In-Charge must be accomplished dutifully. The school may give written notification to terminate your course in the case of serious misconduct or repeated absence of homework without good reason. In this case no fees will be refunded and the last lesson shall be at the end of the term of written notification was served.


Class Observation

  1. We do not allow parents to be in the class once the lesson has begun. The presence of strangers make the children anxious and uncomfortable as well as makes the movement of the teachers difficult.
  2. However for new admissions, especially of young children (3-4 years), in order to help the child settle down, we make a special arrangement for parents to be present for the first two lessons.
  3. For all other parents who would like to observe their child in the class, can fix up an appointment two days in advance. The observation time is 1/2 hour.



  1. If you are taking a holiday for more than 2 weeks, you must tell the school at least four weeks before the start of your holiday. We do not refund fees but will pro-rate the payment of next term.
  2. The School is closed on gazetted Public Holidays. Lessons will automatically be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Kindly note that there is no replacement lesson for a child who is in the Holiday Program.


Stored Artwork

  1. Students may leave their works in progress in the School. However, no liability is accepted in the event of loss or damage to any work.
  2. Students who will be away from class for 3 months or more must bring back their artworks in progress with them due to space constrain in the School.
  3. Artworks must be claim by the parents or students within 6 month after completion of his or her course.


Safety, Cleanliness and Liability

  1. Students must adhere to all safety guidelines and instruction regarding the use of any materials and tools.
  2. At the end of each class or workshop, students are required to clean up their work area to a standard acceptable to the school.
  3. Lessons/workshops can result in paint getting on clothing and personal items. We advise you to wear old clothes to class. We take no responsibility for damages due incurred at classes. Your personal items are your responsibility.
  4. The Schools' Lost and Found counter will be cleared every 3 weeks.


Photographs and filming

  1. We occasionally take photographs of students, or film them in school to use in our publicity material. If you would prefer us not to do this, please inform Teacher-In-Charge of the class.
  2. Classes cannot be filmed or recorded, without the written permission of the directors of the school.


Changes to details

  1. The school reserves the right to cancel or change the dates, times, fees and/or any instructors to courses at our discretion.
  2. Parents are required to notify the School of any changes in their particulars (e.g. home address or contact number).


By booking into an art class with Artz Graine Art Studio, you are accepting these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.