Actualyse Achievement
  I really enjoyed my art lessons at Artz Graine. The teachers were very patient and helpful in guiding me while I was preparing my art portfolio. They discussed my strengths and weaknesses and helped me brainstorm ideas for my pieces. They taught me about the different art media I could explore and apply. I appreciate Teacher Kuat for helping me progress. He is a very dedicated and passionate teacher who pushed and motivated me whenever I faced challenges and difficulties. He did not allow me to give up; instead, he encouraged me to persevere and focus on my goals.
- Natalie Quah(Graduated student):
A testimony from an Art Student majoring in Painting
  When RY requested for art lessons, we asked for recommendations from friends and Artz Graine came very highly recommended. RY has been with Artz Graine since she was in P4 and we never regret this decision. She enjoyed every lesson. The teachers are very responsive esp Teacher Kuat who is so passionate about art and inspiring. These help to sustain RY's enthusiasm in her pursue of art. Right from the start, RY has prepared the art portfolio more as a journal of her growth in art rather than for DSA applications as she wishes to keep her options opened for her secondary school CCA. To RY, she just wants to enjoy art as it is and not as a means to an end. Nevertheless, we are certain that whatever she has learnt in Artz Grainze will benefit her in years to come. A very big thank you to Teacher Kuat for being her mentor in the budding stage in her pursue of art. We shall see you again after PSLE!
- Hui Yong- Mommy of RY
A testimony from an Art Student majoring in Sculpting
  I would like to thank Teacher Kuat for his dedication and commitment to helping Isaac with his portfolio.It’s amazing how, in just about 14months, Isaac was able to produce all the works required for his DSA submission.

During the circuit breaker period, Teacher Kuat was able to execute lessons as usual via Zoom and it is just amazing how Isaac was able to complete a sculpture via 100% online lessons.Many thanks to Teacher Kuat for his patience, good knowledge and ability to engage students.
- Lilian
A sculpture of a mythological creature used in testimony of a student
  Keira truly enjoyed her art lessons with Artz Graine and is very proud of her portfolio and all that she has learned from you and all she has created, as are we :)

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful experience you've gifted Keira. She has learned so much from you and has blossomed in her creativity - her growth as an artist would not have been possible without Artz Graine.

We are also very grateful that you have been offering so much of yourselves to your students during the circuit-breaker period.
- Michelle Quah