Actualyse Achievement
  The teachers provide great feedback and guidance, always pushing their students to challenge themselves and strengthen their grasp of foundational art making techniques.
- Alden - ex-student of Rye Portfolio programme
  My triple sons did many holiday classes with the studio when they were 5 years old. One of the boys love art so much that he pursued the portfolio class when he was in primary 4. The teachers are very creative and willing to listen. They are all out to groom the kids. When they found out that Joshua were into animation, they let him explore animation. The teachers are very accommodating and flexible. My son has a confirmation offer from SOTA all thanks to his teacher who helped him with his portfolio. And Jace, the principal, is great! She even schedule a trial interview with Joshua! Now even my 4th son. Aaron is also learning at the studio!
- Elsa - Mommy of Joshua (one of the successful SOTA candidates) & Aaron (Current student of Rye programme)
  My children are exposed to various aspects of drawing: composition, pastel, colour pencil techniques, acrylic painting and more! They always look forward to their art classes.
- Mother of Teoh Yu Xin & Teoh Hong Han, 7 & 5 years – enrolled under Flint corn programme
  Thank you Artz Graine for giving me such fun-filled Saturday afternoons! I learnt a lot more on how to draw and appreciate art compared to the time when I first came here, which was 4 years ago. I really enjoyed being in Artz Graine and being a part of it! Thank you to all the teachers for nurturing me and letting me grow.
- Loh Emi, enrolled under Rye Programme
  The Rye Portfolio program exposed her to various mediums, techniques, genres and styles. It is here that she discovered her talent and love for art and it prepared her well for SOTA’s Talent Academy. The program allowed her to work at her own pace and decide on what she wanted to draw. The beauty of the program is that it allows her to take ownership of her work and hence it allows for creativity to flourish.

Her teacher was there to give guidance and teach her the necessary techniques to complete her artwork. Jace has been instrumental in helping ease her anxiety on balancing studies and art which enabled her to press on. Jace is always available to discuss any issues that I may have as well.

Thank you Artz Graine Studio, Rebecca can’t wait to commence her studies and art journey at SOTA. Rebecca has been with Artz Graine Studio for 2 years.
- Mrs. C Chao (Mother of Rebecca – one of the successful SOTA candidates)